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Root Irrigation systems RZWS

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For shrubs and large trees grow better, everything was penetrating to the roots
For trees in your landscape lush development, the key is we have to get an appropriate amount of water and air intake in a day ideal. Was developed to achieve these challenges, the firm Hunter launched a root watering devices with exclusive design StrataRoot with the inner membrane, which provides water to the most needed areas. Ready to be assembled in the factory, there are designed as monolithic casing with high security against vandalism.
                  Other options
Root Irrigation systems RZWS-10
     25 = 0:25 GPM
     50 = 0.50 GPM
                 (Blank) = No option
                 CV = Check valve
                 R = reclaimed cap
Root Irrigation systems RZWS-18
Root Irrigation systems RZWS-36


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