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QCV; Q: 1-16 m3/h

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Equipment Valve HQ Quick-Coupling an innovative product of the company Hunter, designed exclusively for projects that require the ability to retrieve quick water whether during maintenance. HQ Series valves are designed to be able to operate continuously for each day over the years with the highest reliability. With the composition of brass and stainless steel, HQ is equipped with protective cap with lock or no lock types TuffTop ™. Unique Model WingThing ™ makes valve is fixed against rotating, anti-sabotage operations and help longer. Made with 2 models: 1 or 2 bulk monolithic. Model 2 bulk assisting maintenance was carried out normally without discharge pressure of the whole system. All models have the key for the protective cover of purple bears, a feature identification for domestic projects using renewable sources.
Applications: commercial scale
Size: 20mm, 25mm inlet; BSP / NPT
Flow: 1-16 m3 / h
Withstand pressure range: 0 - 10.5 Bar
Max operating temperature: 65 ° C

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