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Series van from PGV; Q: 0.05 - 34 m3 / h

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Equipment valve professional level for all sizes work
It is built with sufficient strength to withstand all challenges at the regional scale projects residential or small commercial area, PGV is equipped with a range of useful features. For smaller landscape applications, this product has 4 model sizes 1 ": angles, spherical, x Dies Dies, Dies x coupling. Each model continues to be divided into two smaller lines: type with or without flow control function. For larger landscape applications, valve size 1 ½ "and 2" are available two options in the form of angles and 1 bridge valve (with flow control function). All models feature high-strength structures and rubber membrane endurance activities, support to prevent stress destructive phenomenon.
Application: scale residential, small commercial
Size: 25mm, 40mm, 50mm inlet; BSP / NPT
Flow: 12:05 - 34 m3 / h
Withstand pressure range: 1.5 -10 bar
Flow control: 24VAC / DC; 190mmA
Max operating temperature: 66 ° C


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