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Line from PGV Jar-Top valves; Q: 0.05-7m3 / h

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An easy choice for possible simple maintenance
For maximum convenience, reliability, and easy maintenance in an equipment van for families, PGV Jar-Top is the solution. Can easily removable valve flow without any instrument. Despite structure for convenient maintenance and simple operation principle, this device still offers the features and quality to meet the requirements of an irrigation system family size. Equipped with some of the characteristics necessary to adapt to different uses. All models from the PGP Jar-Top valves have gained endurance, structural materials and corrosion resistant PVC help fight the effects of UV rays, toughened protective cover, rubber membrane double, helping prevent Author destructive action of stress.
Application: scale residential, commercial
Size: 25mm inlet; BSP / NPT
Flow: 0.05-7m3 / h
Withstand pressure range: 1.5 -10 bar
Flow control: 24VAC / DC; 190mmA
Max operating temperature: 66 ° C


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