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Series van from ICZ; Q: 12:45 - 13.6 m3 / h

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Controllers Drip irrigation area ICZ
Durable and comfortable, this product is designed to withstand the conditions in practice in the public sector projects
The public sector projects now require more drip irrigation, because water is increasingly scarce. But how to combine drip irrigation system with low flow requirements with a high pressure, it is very common in commercial projects? Very simple, just install the ICZ of Hunter. This new product is a perfect device, which is a combination of heavy flow ICV valve with stainless steel filter and the constant pressure to high traffic flow. ICV is the most advanced line of Hunter valves, designed to withstand pressures up to nearly 14 bar. And because of the constant pressure ensures output pressure of about 1.72 to 2.75 are always bar, ICZ will make it compatible with the needs of drip irrigation, a system which normally difficult to achieve . With everything being pre-installed before leaving the factory will help you avoid many troubles during installation.
Applications: commercial-scale, public sector
Size: 25mm inlet; BSP / NPT
Flow: 12:45 - 13.6 m3 / h
Withstand pressure range: 1.3 - 8.2 bar
Flow control: 24VAC / DC; 190mmA


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