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Series van from ICV-FS; Q: 12:02 - 68.13 m3 / h

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soiled trash, which is the greatest enemy of the equipment van. But it sure that the filter can protect the valve completely? Actually most of us could stop large objects, but for objects with extremely small size as minerals or algae, they can be stopped on the filter? and eventually, over time, can cause the equipment van. That is why the company developed the filter Hunter Filter Sentry ™, a filter technology operates at anytime valve operation. In addition, ICV FS owns the ICV valve line features such as gain endurance and reliability when working with high pressures up to 15.1 bar.
Applications: commercial-scale, public sector
Size: 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm inlet; BSP / NPT
Flow: 12:02 - 68.13 m3 / h
Withstand pressure range: 1.5 -15 bar
Flow control: 24VAC / DC; 190mmA
Max operating temperature: 66 ° C


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