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irrigation STK5 & 6

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A unique irrigation outputs, for the array of artificial grass stadium.
Simple installation, easy maintenance, ST's Hunter system is the first solution, fully integrated, designed exclusively for special watering requirements of artificial grass market.
Hunter ST System is equipped with broadband transmission gear manufacturing technology based on irrigation rotor head its famous Hunter, combining multi-axis articulated dedicated, with the loss of low pressure valve, hard dome design cable. Hunter firm also offers a flexible installation solution and the ability to operate directly on all the devices in the system, including connection points without dedicated co digging grass ground.
Radius: 32.5 to 50.3 m
Flow: 21.8 to 74.2 m3 / hour; 364 to 1237 liters / minute
Recommended pressure range: 4.0 to 8.0 bar; 400 to 800 kPa
The amount of water: 55 liters / m2 / hr


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