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I-90 head irrigation line

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Irrigation rotor head with a radius line farthest

Designed exclusively for the natural landscape, parks, stadiums, and other public areas. With a radius of up to 30.8m watering, I-90 is proud to be the first irrigation rotor line has the largest radius of action. Overall diameter is reduced, protecting the upper lid with rubber reinforced edges make it the perfect choice for the park and the large lawn area as athletic fields and racecourse . Easy maintenance, design "Jar-top" of the guard for easy removable filter and backflow valve without any special tools. I-90 has two models: swivel block 360 and block rotation angle adjustable, each model has color-coded spray Persian, can change rapidly mounting position at the beginning of irrigation installed to be able to meet soon the need for various irrigation radius in any public works.


Radius: 18.9 to 30.8m

Flow: 4.97 to 18:58 m3 / hour; 82.8 to 309.6 liters / minute

Recommended pressure range: 4.0 to 7.5 bar; 400 to 750 kPa

Operating pressure range: 3.5 to 8.0 bars; 350 to 800 kPa

The amount of water: 19 liters / m2 / hr


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