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irrigation I.25

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Early watering I-25: complete set of elements: power, efficiency and reliability, commensurate with the value of investment. With irrigation radius from 12.1m to 21.6 m strong, I-25 can be used in many applications and different environments. Designed monolithic, high strength, with optional stainless steel core shaft rigidity. 5 year warranty, with the option RWID and high speed rotating mass. Built-return valve and a standard blister the Persian spray for choice with different parameters. Efficiency, durability are the two factors that help irrigate I-25 head of Hunter operate continuously, from day to day.
Radius: 12.1 to 21.6 m
Flow: 0.82 to 7:24 m3 / hour; 13.6 to 120.7 liters / minute
Recommended pressure range: 2.5 to 7.0 bar; 250 to 700 kPa
Operating pressure range: 2.5 to 7.0 bars; 250 to 700 kPa
The amount of water: 15 liters / m2 / hr
Slight trickle angle: 25 degrees


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