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irrigation I.20

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Series high performance rotor with the diversity and effectiveness for all projects

With 22 to choose from Persian spray, spray radius from 5.1 - 14 m, 6 of the first body irrigation lines I-20 is an indispensable product type rotor nozzles. Whether small area, sand or soil containing many shrubs and grass mixture, nozzles I-20 is always ready to operate efficiently and reliably. the newly improved features include: automatic pay angles; 360o rotating type, kind of brain is between 50 - 360; Durable actuators, preventing any impact on the gears. Additional functions FloStop®, easily adjusted through adjustment screws on the cover of the irrigation corner, and standard one-way valve.


Radius: 4.9 to 14m

Flow: 0:07 to 3:23 m3 / hour; 1.2 to 53.8 liters / minute

Recommended pressure range: 1.7 to 4.5 bar; 170 to 450 kPa

Operating pressure range: 1.4 to 7.0 bars; 140 to 700 kPa

The amount of water: 10 liters / m2 / hr


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