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The first line of irrigation G85B; Irrigation from 60-360 degrees angle

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The perfect combination of power, performance, and maintainability

Proud to be the most powerful in all lines of the rotor on the market, the gears of the G885 will blow everything passes through it. Try and feel. Only a fraction motion plate by hand, you can clearly see unexpected persistence of the spray head. With a strong core, the Persian spraying high-performance, full versions and smaller 360o 360o rotation, new product worthy G885 always what you expect.

The block design, G85B one offering the competitive price and high reliability. Is a perfect choice in the implementation of new projects, the installation of, or in situations where you need to upgrade the system.


Radius irrigation: 13.1 to 27.7m

Flow: 1.86 to 13.06 m3 / hour; 31.0 to 217.7 liters / minute

Operating pressure range: 4.5 to 6.9 bars; 450 to 689 kPa

The amount of water: 15 liters / m2 / hr

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