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The first line of irrigation G75B; Irrigation from 50-360 degrees angle

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Easy adjustment and maintenance, watering golf G75B head of Hunter and wide grass area is an ideal combination for customers who view cost as the top concern. B product line provides all the standard features that you want for the radius near and medium irrigation and the gear was tested thoroughly, repair and maintenance operations through the lid handy overhead irrigation , rigid coating, completely waterproof. Plus system accurately fabricate head of Hunter Persian PressurePort ™ helps reduce water velocity and pressure onto the Persian auxiliary head while increasing the size of water droplets. Results achieved as all the water spray are distributed equally at all times.
Radius irrigation: 14.3 to 21.6 m
Flow: 2.95 to 7.65 m3 / hour; 29.1 to 122.3 liters / minute
Operating pressure range: 2.7 to 6.9 bars; 270 to 690 kPa
Water volume: 12.0 liters / m2 / hr
All irrigation rotor head B lines are pressure resistant up to 10 bar; 1000 kPa

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