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Remote control: Max 300m

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Remote control device to activate roaming controller from within 300m
Signaling capabilities enable remote system means that you no longer have to move back and forth to turn the controller off again. The boot and system testing will be done faster, easier, and can be completed with just a single employee. Applications for residential-scale projects and commercial broadcasting can Roam in scope 300m away from the controller. Compatible with feeds from all of Hunter controllers. Roam remote controller offers many features that other similar devices is not achieved, for a price of not more reasonable. With a large LCD screen, simple buttons, the controller is easy to use, and compact size enough.
Compatible with Hunter controllers: X-Core, Pro-C, PCC, I-Core and ACC
Allow install 128 different communication address
Activating a new irrigation programs without changing the original program
Duration allows activation: 1 to 90 minutes
Scope of activities: 300m (sight)
Feed the signal: 4 AAA batteries
Receiver power supply: 24VAC, 10mA
Operating frequency: 433 MHz


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