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The software IMMS: From 1-990000 irrigation

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Control center computer management system for a large scale
IMMS is working on a software platform to create a computer control center can dominate large-scale irrigation system with affordable, high usability, and greater control. The software is built visually based on the command structure and irrigation programs, IMMS allows graphical mapping (level irrigation channels), put the operator in a virtual environment control to control a system large. Software options ET receiving signals from the sensors and graphing weather parameters weather in the region, details on soil moisture levels. IMMS is full of different communication options, including Ethernet cable, mobile GPRS network signal, signal the traditional dial telephone, UHF radio, cable and normal signals. The software is compatible with operating systems from Windows XP and Windows 8.
Activities on the Windows operating system
Access to all the functions of each controller
The user interface graphically
Traffic monitoring and receiving reports from the controller ACC
Historical activity reports and notifications of system errors
Optional wireless communication and wireless, including Ethernet and GPRS communications
The controller can share communication channels to reduce costs
Compatible with Solar-Sync sensor or the Hunter ET, save water

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