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Wireless Programmable valve WVP

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Wireless Programmable valve WVP
Multi-channel, multi-function, programmable and controlled by a battery
Programmable WVP Wireless valve and valve wireless controller WVC battery run together to form a wireless control system provides the ability to multi-channel controller for areas without power supply. The application area usually separators, roundabouts, construction sites, parks, and the private sector in rural areas. The controller has 4-channel capacity and 9 times for each channel activation. For a long enough battery life to operate continuously for at least 1 year, replace the battery lid is designed for easy battery replacement possible. Programming can communicate with the controller at a distance of up to 30m, so you do not need to perform tasks such as opening a valve box, install a programmable transmit data to another controller. With design hides all internal components to be buried directly into the ground, WVS also works to prevent other destructive actions.
Enable simultaneous channels
Sensor input Number: 1
Power supply: 9V battery
Only works with DC solenoid
Operating temperature: -17 ° C to 60 ° C

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