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SRC Controller: From 1-9 irrigation

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SRC Plus Simple, convenient, economic ... flexible controller for the landscape firm Hunter small scale sector
Sophisticated technology and the convenience is not synonymous with higher product prices. Hunter SRC Plus has been proven carrier controller reliability and high quality, containing program features installed by rotating switches and three irrigation programs with 4 time activation for each program, plus Irrigation scheduling capabilities and sensor 365 days with precipitation Bypass circuit - everything needed for landscape scale. SRC Plus 2 version, version control 6 or 9 regional areas. This controller is installed in the house with protective shell solid, professional design. Economic, simple, reliable ... we believe you can not find a better product.
Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230/240 VAC
Output Transformer (24 VAC): 1 A
Irrigation channel outputs (24 VAC): 0:56 A
Output pump / valve (24 VAC): 0:28 A
Sensor input Number: 1
Operating temperature: 60º C to C -17.7º

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