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Pro-C controller: From 1-15 irrigation

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Storage controller 3-15 channels, expanded by modules
Equipped with control features advanced irrigation systems for residential-scale, modular design makes the Pro-C leaves have the ability to change volume control (3-15) flexible irrigation and anytime. Thus, the upgrade can proceed without convenient change the controller. Contractors standpoint, this means that they only need storage controller and the expansion module, instead of storing multiple controllers with different capacities, help job management made easy and simple much easier. Scalability with module capacity is not the only advantage that Pro-C offers, it also can be compatible with Solar Sync ET sensor of Hunter. With sensors breakthrough Solar Sync, Pro-C becomes a smart controller, with the ability to adjust the length of watering based on weather parameters collected. in addition, it is compatible with the remote control from a distance.
Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230/240 VAC
Output Transformer (24 VAC): 1 A
Irrigation channel outputs (24 VAC): 0:56 A
Output pump / valve (24 VAC): 0:28 A
Sensor input Number: 1
Operating temperature: 60º C to C -17.7º
Pro-C controller: From 1-15 irrigation

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