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I-Core controller: From 6-42 irrigation

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The next generation of commercial controllers
I-Core is a modern controller for applications in commercial scale and civil. Incorporate new features such as traffic monitoring, quick access to the overall system, available Smartport® interface, optional 6 languages, with backlight for the display, I-Core is the thing Control should be considered for most commercial projects professionally. The biggest reason that I-Core controllers become capable of unique versatility without a controller that has been, including the ability to expand capacity (6-30) irrigation channel module for session Version protective plastic cabinet, and up to 42 channels for versions with protective metal cabinets. Append the 2-Wire encryption module DUAL can expand storage up to 48 channels. There are also versions with metal bracket, providing more options for projects with large acreage. With some other options such as remote or roaming Roam XL, the ability to communicate with the Solar-Sync sensor
Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230/240 VAC
Output Transformer (24 VAC): 1.4 A
Irrigation channel outputs (24 VAC): 0:56 A
Number of valve operations simultaneously: 5
Output pump / valve (24 VAC): 0:28 A
Number of sensor inputs: 2 (cabinet Plastic); 3 (metal cabinet)
Operating temperature: 60º C to C -17.7º


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