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EC controllers: From 1-6 irrigation

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With experience built in conjunction with a reasonable price, the company has introduced Hunter controller EC, the ideal product for controlling family size irrigation. A masterpiece of modern technology, offers the most attractive features, all wrapped into one simple product, easy to use. EC are produced exclusively for customers who do not want the big controller, but still want to own the entire features can meet the needs to control his irrigation. Capacity 2-, 4-, 6- irrigation for product lines installed in their homes and 4-, 6- channel for outdoor installation line, the controller EC offers all the features available only in the more expensive product lines, as adjusted quickly durations seasonal irrigation, the option to create a watering cycle, creating delay between the channels, activate the hand with a "one touch" fixed storage memory , adding more is rugged protective cabinets with locks. But above all, no controller can install and simple programming EC. Both masks manipulation and LCD display are used symbol of international conventions, which makes the programming is only a small thing. EC controller is just the latest example proves Hunter firms have created the modern simple product like.
Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230/240 VAC
Output Transformer (24 VAC): 1 A
Irrigation channel outputs (24 VAC): 0:56 A
Output pump / valve (24 VAC): 0:28 A
Sensor input Number: 1
Operating temperature: 60º C to C -17.7º

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