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ACC-99D controller: From 1-99 irrigation

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Version control of the most powerful commercial use Hunter decoding technology
Versatility of the ACC controller was developed stronger with the system combined with decoding of Hunter Two-Wire. ACC-99D uses the Two-Wire decoder to achieve the capacity to control up to 99 channels on one irrigate vast range without losing any of the features of the original controller ACC. Use Two-wire technology helps save wiring, troubleshooting simpler, allowing the installation of irrigation 1 quickly, limiting excavation, and allows receiving signals from the cold transformers installed on cables Two-wire signal this.
Transformer input: 120 / 230VAC, 50/60 Hz; 120VAC: 2Amax, 230VAC: 1Amax
Transformer output: 24VAC, 4A
Cable decoder outputs: 34V
Capacity decoder: 40mA for an output is activated
Decoder capacity: 2 valve from the Hunter standards (in a radius of 45m), allowing up to 14 valves from operating simultaneously (including 2 x P / MV)
The maximum distance to the decoder: 2.0mm2 cable gland: 3050m; 3.3mm2 cable gland: 4575m

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