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Dedicated drip irrigation valve

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Controllers Drip irrigation area PCZ / ACz
These convenient solutions and reliable to control drip irrigation area
Over the years, the company has provided Hunter valve capable of independent operation with high reliability. And now, we offer a combination of the famous line PGV valve with a filter and a pressure regulator. The main parts of this device is a high pressure valve PGV, structured on the lid made of high-grade plastic material that can withstand any external force impacts may be encountered. Add to that the stainless steel filters are able to filter the object size from 100 to 150 microns. In addition to the above parts is a voltage regulator, which helps maintain the pressure at the output at 1.72 to 2.75bar (reference pressure drip irrigation system). Save time and labor with the PCZ - Use ACz for surge demand for joystick area.
Available in factory assembled and tested before they are shipped
Using components with best quality (stainless steel filter, exhaust standard lid, the fixed premium pressure)
There diaphragm system Filter Sentry ™
Value range wide operational flow, suitable for most applications drip irrigation


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