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PLD drip slowly and steadily until it reaches the required level. Features that PLD becomes different is its voltage compensation system, with one-way valves built, helps prevent clogging and dehydration Persian, and also to ensure stable flow. In terms of installation, it has the flexibility, twisted hard, and resistant to UV rays. Although the landscape is planted flowers, shrubs, or any other form, series of Hunter PLD solution is always an effective and reliable.
Offset pressure in the pipeline
Integrated backflow valve, avoid congestion and dehydration
Distance between Persian: 30.5, 45.7, 61cm
Flow Per Persian: 1:51, 2:27, 3.78 liters / hour
Standard length: 30.48, 76.2, 304.8 meters / roll
High flexibility and control are twisted
Working with drip irrigation controller (Drip Zone Control Kits)
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