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A breakthrough innovation in drip irrigation techniques
Designed for areas difficult to install the irrigation equipment on the surface, Eco-Mat use special techniques to combine Persian drip irrigation and fluffy layers, can distribute water below plant surface. Eco-Mat including fluffy layer wrapped around the pipe drip irrigation (PLD-ESD). Then buried directly beneath the woodland. When water is activated, the PLD-ESD pipe will be granted full and start oozing out of Persian, then absorbed the entire Eco-Mat. This product not only adequate supply of water needed for grass, but also to ensure no wet grass surface while the system is operating. In areas of the lawn has many passersby as amusement parks, public parks, and commercial complexes can use the lawn all day without pause the operation to activate the system irrigation, also has no fear of being destroyed.
Eco-Mat also proved to be highly effective solutions in the plans to irrigate the roots. The rooftop plant uses a special type of soil or synthetic soil to get a higher rate of drainage of natural soils. It's really hard to grow crops on these soils because they hold very little water. Eco-Mat provides 100% of the water for irrigated areas and maintains two liters over 0.83m2.


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