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Mango tree with the scientific name Mangifera Indica L, belongs to Anacardiacae. Mango has many varieties, but there are two basic groups are groups like Indian mango tree (single particle embryos) and Southeast Asian groups mango tree (multi-grain embryo). Single-embryo group often mango fruit year round.
Mango trees are deciduous evergreen plants, easy to grow and care for plants suitable for cultivation works and shade trees, garden trees in urban areas, villas, just create a green, medium fruit eat. Currently, Mango with alligator tree, jackfruit trees are fruit trees are selected for planting shade trees, tree works in landscape construction projects, new residential areas, construction new.

With mango tree urban tree planting that tree works, shade trees, do not care much about fertilization.

We specialize in supplying, selling various kinds of mango trees (mango, muom tree, turn the tree) planting shade trees, trees buildings, villas, garden areas; The small size tree root diameter from 15-20 cm, the average tree stem diameter from 25 cm to 40 cm, large trees over 40 cm diameter base.

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