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Osaka yellow flowers

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Common name: Scorpions water, gold Osaka, Cassia fistula.
Scientific name: Cassia fistula
They plant: Caesalpiniaceae (Vang).
Origin: India, Sri Lanka.

Distribution in Vietnam:
Morphological characteristics:
Body, Flirt, La: The average tree, high 10 - 20m, smooth and round body, ramified branch long, soft erect, narrow and sparse canopy. Pinnate compound leaves with 3-8 double greens, pale blue thick, slightly moldy on the underside.
Flowers, fruits and seeds: Inflorescence falls springing from leaf axils, long 30 - 50cm brought many long-stemmed flower ranked sir. The average large flower lemon yellow, soft petals expand and spread slowly from the root to the tip. Large fruit, long 30 - 40cm. Seeds flat piece. Flowering season: dry season (about 3-7 months).

Physiology, ecology:
Growth speed: Fast.
Fit: easy to grow trees adapted to many different living conditions. However grows best when soil porosity, drainage and lighting altogether. By seed or plant roots shoots.

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