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Switch control - 6W LED

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Submersible LED Lights: HG-P30U-6x1W

HG-P30U LED lights are capable of being placed above or below the water line. This feature allows you to create lighting accents in endless combinations. The LED lights also are capable of being placed underwater exclusively, which means your fish or underwater landscape can become the focal point of your pond experience. HG-P30U will easily light up your pond or waterfall at night, and give you the display that even professionals will envy.

Control Method: Switch control
Color: RGB
Cable Connection: 2 wires
Body Material: 316 stainless steel
Size: 124.5mmDia x 127mmH
Number of LED: 6 x 1W
Input Voltage: AC/DC 12V
Watts Used: 6W
Power Consumption: 0.59A
Lumens per Watt: 84.06 lm/w
Max Lumens: 568.25 lm
Working Temperature: 0 - 40 0C
Beam Angle: 15/25/30/45/60°
IP Rating: IP.68
Useful LED Life: 50,000 hrs average
Warranty: 2 years

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