Tel: 0333.864.487
Fax: 0333.864.487
Hotline 1: (+84)91 235 9277
Hotline 2: (+84)96 230 4723

Address: Group 8, Tan Lap 4 zones (West Zone Ben Do), Ward.Cam Thuy-Cam Pha-Quang Ninh
Mobile: 0912.359.277 or 0962.304.723



Operating model of the company: Company Ltd. Vietnam Landscape Environments is a multidisciplinary company, however, the areas of activity are closely related, mutually supportive technical and professional.
Currently, the operating model of the Company is divided into four main groups with specialized workforce and professional:
- TEAM PERSPECTIVE: consulting, landscape design and construction of landscape parks, street trees, garden restaurant, hotel, cafe garden, industrial premises ... with supplies abundant tree nursery 2 of the Company and reliable partner
- AUTOMATIC age groups, irrigation Rot: consulting, design and construction of the irrigation system automated plants, irrigation works, nursery watering, watering vegetables, drip irrigation, ... Also we Experts also help, training to ensure that all construction works are installed in a professional manner, right the first time.
- SPRINKLER ART GROUP: Professional consulting, design and construction works of art fountain, musical fountain, water screen, water courts, ... at agencies, businesses, parks, golf courses, guests Hotel, Cafe, Villa, ...
- MAINTENANCE SERVICE GROUPS: we provide maintenance services, park garden care, e fountains, irrigation automatic greenery, trees .. care campus cultural works, history, industrial parks and gardens and other civil works and provide maintenance services, maintenance of construction works completed.

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